Senior Class Officers 2017-2018!

Thank you for everyone who applied! The following are people who will be a part of SCO. Let’s make this school year the best one yet! See you on Wednesday, May 17, for our first meeting in Ms. Manrique’s classroom (s3b). 1 Aguila Kai 43 Lam Jenny 2 Bagsic James 44 Lopez Danielle 3 Bahena…

JDD Theme Reveal

JDD THEME REVEAL!  Join JCO at movie night on January 27th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM!  (Clarification: It says location reveal on the flyer but JCO is actually revealing the JDD theme)

Shakey’s Night

Shakey’s Night  Join JCO for delicious Shakey’s pizza on Tuesday, October 18th! More information below:

Movie Night

Movie Night  Join JCO at movie night on December 15th from 3:30 to 6 PM!

Habit Burger Grill Fundraiser!

Habit Burger Grill Fundraiser  Join JCO for a fun night at The Habit from 4pm -10pm on September 21st! More information below: